About Us

In today’s dynamic and ever changing business environment, it is imperative to understand the current needs of businesses. We at orchids adopt a comprehensive yet tiered approach to provide complete services to our clients.

At ORCHIDS, selection techniques are aligned to client needs. Potential candidates are assessed for their academic qualifications, work experience, work history & suitability before being forwarded to the client. Periodic checks are made on candidates whose experience level do not commensurate with their age or their qualifications.
Our screening process results in several benefits to our clients. It saves both time and cost of preparing advertisements, assessing applications, dispatching call letters, conducting interviews and validating references. Thus, leaving the client with more time for business and growth activities.

Offering deep domain expertise in Freight forwarding and Logistics,Supply chain & Manufacturing industries .We are catering to

  1. Freight Forwarding & NVOCC
  2. Shipping and Marine
  3. Supply chain & logistics
  4. Custom Clearance & CHA
  5. Project Logistics
  6. Courier & Cargo
  7. Transportation & Distribution
  8. E-Commerce
  9. Airlines
  10. Container freight station
  11. Solution Design & Consultation
  12. Start ups
  13. Specialised Logistics
  14. FTWZ
  15. Rail freight
  16. Manufacturing & Engineering
  17. Packaging
  18. IT